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We can Prevent it!
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Child Abuse In Trinidad & Tobago! Part 1-Physical Abuse

Warning! There are highly graphic materials that could be disturbing to some viewers. Viwer discression is advised!

Child Abuse in T&T:  

Part 1:             Physical Abuse

Child abuse does not only constitute Physical abuse, but mental and sexual abuse as well.

Domestic Abuse is a Terrible Crime against women. It's one of the most unspeakable crime against humanity and abusers should be punished for their crimes, but they should also be offered help! However, there are some men that just cannot be helped! It's in their genes to be violent.

However, the crime that trumps any crime on the entire planet, is CHILD ABUSE!

Child Abuse is just as bad as Domestic Abuse and Even Worse!  Why? Most women have the ability to choose their abusers, while children are without choice. These innocent babes are brought into this world under perceived love and affection and in most cases, the very parent that brought them into the world, will take them out, in the most violent and haenous of ways.

It is clear from the available evidence that children are most likely to be physically or emotionally abused, or neglected, by parents or other caregiver. Further, despite the general view that children are sexually abused mainly by strangers, the reality is that most sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone who is known to the child, such as a family member, family friend or person with whom the child comes into contact (e.g., sports coach, teacher, priest).

Denial of child physical and Sexual abuse is the major cause of continued abuse of children by one parent. As a Trinidadian I know first hand how denial of abuse can cause severe long term suffering or results in death. In Trinidad there is this Mantra "Lix/Licks"(corporal punishment) causes children to behave better or have respect. However, there is a fine line between corporal punishment and Abuse, but parents in T&T don't know the difference or perhaps pretend (deny).

Both these children below were victims of child abuse:
click for full story:

-murdered toddler Amy Emily Annamunthodo -she was 4yrs old

-Sean Luke an American Citizen- He was 6yrs ol d

These two photo's are from the Autopsy of a child beaten to death over a 4month period.

These photos are not meant to scare anyone, but to make you aware of what could happen to your child.

This photo is graphic: Readers
This report below is a story about a child who suffered physical abuse at the hands of his step father and eventually died.,68738.html

The link below explains the Implications of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

 The link below explains WHY you should Report Domestic Violence to the Police

The link below explains HOW to Detect Domestic Violence

The link Below tells you WHAT to do about Domestic Violence
 Now that you have seen first hand what domestic violence and child abuse can potentially be, please take extreme care of your children. If YOU are an abuser, but you love your children, Please seek help before you kill your child(ren). There is help available all you need to do is ask!

Children are precious little people, with feelings just like you and me. They cannot defend themselves, ask for help or say when it hurts at times. You brought them into this world and it is your duty to protect them.

If you know someone who's abusing their child DO SOMETHING! Their life could be in your hands.

Watch for Part 2: Sexual Abuse and Incest!

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  1. I am at a loss for words...this sickens me to the core...
    If I EVER come across an abused child, God help me to CALL THE POLICE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!